10 years of Relay Riders UK

Mark Smallman

2024 marks 10 years of the Relay! Ever since a group of complete strangers decided to organise a charity ride in 2014 the relay has been making a difference to people’s lives, and since that initial event (fundraising for Help for Heroes), the relay has gone on to raise much needed funds for such diverse charities as: Soldiers off the Street, UK Association for Milk Banking, Mental Health Research UK and the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD). 

In our anniversary year we’re celebrating by supporting two charities – DocBike and Lia’s Wings.

2 thoughts on “10 years of Relay Riders UK”

  1. When is the Ni part would like to help in support role but would love to know dates in NI as I’m away 14th to 20th

    • Hello Arty. The NI part is over 10th & 11th of July, and runs from leg 154 through to 169. All of this can be viewed on the timetable page of this website. Take a look and see what routes you want to ride support on, then go to our support rider sign up page.


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