Frequently Asked Questions

 A mascot (a teddy bear) will be carried by volunteer motorcycle riders in order to raise funds for our nominated charity.

 The mascot is transferred from rider to rider at set handover points around the UK on a pre-set route.

 The relay is non-stop, so different legs of the journey will take place during the day and night until the mascot completes the final leg of the relay.

 In order to carry the mascot (& therefore guarantee that the relay will travel through your local area) you must register as a Relay Rider & pay a £10 riders fee as a donation to our nominated charity via our fundraising page.

 We do not use motorways, so all routes are 125cc friendly.

 Wherever possible it is our policy to ensure that all Relay Riders have support riders with them on their leg of the journey to ensure everyone’s safety and as a back-up if you are unable to ride on the day for whatever reason.

 If you have agreed to take on a leg of the journey and are unable to do it PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP so we can sort something out – this applies to both mascot carriers and support riders.

 At each handover point you will fill out the paperwork that accompanies the mascot, take a few photos and (most importantly) let a member of the Admin team know that you have arrived so that we can keep everyone up-to-date on the mascot’s progress and adjust other riders handover times if necessary.

All our information and the sign-up form can be found at www.relayriders.co.uk/signup. This page also has a ‘Click here to donate’ button so that you can pay your sign-up fee on our donation page.

All our routes are 125 friendly – we do not use motorways. This means that as long as your bike is legal to take on the roads and you can maintain the speed limits of the roads you can take part in the relay.

Sit, wait and be patient with us. Until we have enough sign-ups we can’t begin the planning process. We normally start planning once we have reached 200 signups.

Where possible we try to give everybody a minimum of 2 months’ notice, but there may be circumstances where we have to give late notice due to route changes etc.

The routes will be published on our website www.relayriders.co.uk/timetable. Once we have finished planning the routes everybody will be notified by our social media groups/ emails/ SMS. All routes will be linked to a GOOGLE MAP.

Our relay takes place across the whole of the UK. We rely on sign-ups to plan out routes, wherever people sign-up the relay goes. So, the more people sign-up the more places we visit.

Head on over to www.relayriders.co.uk/donate and make the donation via our fundraising page. Remember to include your name & the amount when you donate so we know who has paid. Also remember that you have to complete a sign-up form after you have donated in order to complete your registration for the relay.

We ask that people make their names visible on the donation so we know exactly who has paid their riders fee.

All our downloadable content including sponsorship forms and posters can be found on the Downloads page of this website.

To take part in the relay whether you’re a mascot carrier or support rider, we ask for £10 per person. The riders fee is paid as a donation to the charity so 100% of your donation goes to the current charity. Donations can be paid via www.relayriders.co.uk/donate.

Let us know as soon as possible! Please contact one of the admin team or post on one of our social media pages. And we will get it covered for you.

Yes of course. Everybody should have the right documentation to ride on any road & your vehicle should be roadworthy. Relay Riders UK accepts NO responsibility for any vehicles that take part in the relay. Everybody should have a fully working/MOT’d/taxed/insured bike before starting the relay and you MUST hold the correct licence for that bike. You are also responsible for making sure your vehicle has enough fuel between petrol stations and handover points. We highly recommend that you take out breakdown recovery insurance for the duration of the relay.

Bring as many people as you wish, the more the merrier. It’s all about getting the word out riding. The more people we inform about our events the more money we raise for charity.

We hold a party at the end to thank everybody for their efforts in making the relay happen, this is also an opportunity for prizes to be won.

We advise that you stick to the given route as best as you can, we understand it’s not always possible with road work etc. We only ask because the timing of each route is thoroughly worked out and can have knock on effects later down the line if it’s late or too early.

Everyone (even the admin team) has to fill out a new sign-up form each year as well as make a £10 donation. The relay is a monster of an event to organise and we can not assume that everyone who donates to our nominated charity wants to participate in the relay itself.

The information that you provide us with will be used to help us plan the route of the relay and to allow us to contact you to keep you informed and to allow us to provide you with support. We DO NOT use your personal data for marketing purposes and we DO NOT share your personal data with any third party companies.

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