Read what past & present Relay Riders have had to say about participating in the Relay

Gee Scaife

Absolutely phenomenal, I completed 514 miles in 33 hours in one lump, pushed myself for a great cause, raising awareness, raising money and had a great time, would do the next in a heartbeat, really brings us bikers together and shows the ‘outsiders’ that bikers aren’t all bad, and we actually have a big heart with lots of love to give.

Christian Rogers

Fantastic trip! Longest ride I’ve ever been on my 125 (Brittania Stadium to Oswestry in Wales). Fantastic people with great bikes for a great cause. Proud to have contributed to such a noble cause! Definitely doing it again.

Louise Grey

Fabulous group doing charity fund raising,bike orientated,for those smaller charities that need the funds as much, (if not more than) as those big charities.I rode as part of the last relay ride,met some great people with big hearts…may the great work continue. :)

Dean Morter

It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of such a great group of people. I met some really good friends along the way and had some really fun times. To be able to do this whilst raising funds for a much needed charity was very special to me and I hope to be able to offer my support in any future events. Thank you for having me on board.

Dave Littley

Had such a laugh doing the last ride (despite being soaking wet) had such a great time with great people helping people to raise money for a charity that’s close to me for personal reasons. Can’t wait for the next one to raise more money for the charities that are sometimes overlooked.

Jack Morgan

Although I only did a short stretch, me and my old scooter loved the ride. It was a fantastic feeling to be part of this huge biker community raising money for important charities, the best way we know how… By riding!

Jacki Kennedy

Fully enjoyed the ride for a nice, smaller cause truly deserving of our support. However, my favorite bit is the emphasis on 125s. While all size bikes are included, I love the fact that the ride encourages 125 riders to get out for fun and with a purpose, something normally lacking for 125 riders.

Ruth Rushton

The relay ride was not only great for raising money for a good cause but also great for making new friends and experiencing riding in the dark for the first time! We had fun exploring bits of Cornwall that we weren’t supposed to due to a bit of a diversion and generally had a great time!

Bryan Ditchburn

A great evening out, great company, good routes and being part of a community activity to raise funds for an important cause. There’s just no downside!!

Georgia Martinez

My favourite bit is watching the facebook group for updates on location :) always exciting!

Mick Berry

I went as a support rider. Met some good people and helped raise money for a good charity.
Enjoyed reading the updates and all in all a well run and worthwhile event.

Steve Johnson

A great group who do loads for each other as well as charity. With all bikes included. It’s about the ride not the size of machine

Dave Littley

I did my first relay for friends of picu. Loved it so much signed up to do the following years in aid of the blood bikes. Found myself getting more involved with it. absolutely gobsmacked by the hearts and generosity of everyone involved (although that’s bikers as a whole). Signed up again for this years soldiers off the streets, looking forwards to sharing great memories with friends I met over the past 2 years and also making new memories with new friends. It is true what they say that bikers are family.

Gaz Jones

Absolutely love being a Relay Rider, this year will be my third, first was for PICU but my bike failed me at the start line :(,last year was for Blood Bikers and I made it round that. I will hopefully be doing many more Relays and hope this gets bigger every year!!

Dawn Clark

Martin and Dawn up in Dalguise last year on our 1st Relay Ride. I had only been passed my test 1 week and did a 300+ round trip with the help of Dylan Henderson Andy Campbell Andy Walker Gaz Osiris Jones Scott Houston xxx

Aaron Newman

Was my first relay enjoyed every moment my bike wasn’t running well at the time but it was defo worth risking just to be part of such a great charity and will be putting my name in for the next one will do them years to come and its just amazing the hearts of everyone involved so its safe to say I am a relay rider for life.

Dylan Henderson

It was good fun even with my crap bike with snapped studs and leaking exhausts with rattling baffles and awful electrics not to mention the most uncomfortable seat i have ever experienced then there was the weather i had never been so wet in my life! However Andy did manage to dry off his gloves in a pub.. they were a bit singed mind you ???? but even with all that it was such an amazing experience and can’t wait to do it again on my new bike ????and anyone who isn’t sure about doing it, all I’m going to say is.. DO IT! you’ll be glad you did.

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