Creating a GPX File from your Google Route Map

Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav) devices often use GPX (GPS Exchange Format) files to store and exchange route information.

If you have registered to be a Rider on the Relay, and use a GPS on your bike, you may require a GPX file to send to your device.
Luckily it is not difficult to create a GPX File to send to your device.

To create your GPX file, you will require a Google API Key.
Follow the instructions on how to create an API Key here:

You can follow these steps to create a GPX file:

1. Have the page with the Timetable open in a separate window (so you can refer to this page for the steps).

2. Find your leg either by scrolling, or you can use the search facilities at the top of the page.

3. Click on the Map icon, this will open the route in a new browser tab.

4. Open the Share Menu and Click on the “Share” icon.

5. Click on “Copy Link” to generate a shareable link to your route.

6. To convert the Link to a GPX file, visit a GPX conversion website, such as GPS Visualizer.

7. Within the GPS Visualizer conversion tool, set the output format to GPX.

8. Paste in the link you copied from the Google map share (from #4 above).

9. Paste in your Google API Key in the box that will appear. And click the ‘Convert’ button.

10. The page should then change to the output options, and you will see a link to download the GPX file, and also the output GPX data, should you need it for your specific device.

11. Transfer to Your Sat Nav by connecting your Sat Nav device to your computer and transfer the downloaded GPX file to the appropriate folder or follow your device’s specific instructions for importing routes.

Your Sat Nav should be ready to navigate along the route for your Leg of the Relay.

Note: Be aware that the accuracy of the route may vary between Google Maps and your Sat Nav device, so it’s recommended to double-check the route on your Sat Nav before relying on it.

Unfortunately the website we were suggesting to use to create a GPX file, no longer works with Google Map links.

We are looking into finding another service for creating GPX files, however this might take some time to set up.

Until we have another solution, you can message us using the form below, and we will add you to a list of riders requiring GPX files.

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