A Massive Thank You!

Jason Percival


We would like to take this opportunity to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to one of our members, Mark Smallman.

Mark has put A LOT of hard work into creating our new website, in particular the new responsive timetable that is designed to make it much easier for people to use.

In all fairness Mark has been really easy to work with on this project, coming up with solutions for everything we’ve thrown at him, and he hasn’t lost his rag with us once!

We’re so pleased with Mark’s work that we’re giving his business a shameless plug, just follow this link and check out his work: macgraphic.co.uk

The RRUK Team

1 thought on “A Massive Thank You!”

  1. Thanks for the appreciation Jason, Tom & the rest of the RRUK Team.
    I hope the site serves you well for meany years, and simplifies the process of organising such a massive event.


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